Are Loans Available for People with Bad Credit Record?

Life is unpredictable. Due to the volatile nature of life, you never know what comes the next moment. In fact, you cannot even judge when and how your life can throw challenges in your path of living. There is no secret that every individual wants to own a life which is financially stable. As the life, financial emergencies are also unforeseen. Judging by this situation, it is always not possible to be prepared for the financial difficulties in advance. However, when the emergencies occur, you will surely require a regular flow of cash.

What if you are falling short on funds and your loved ones have already said no for the help? In such situation, it does seem vital to seek the assistance of a loan. Nowadays, securing a loan is no longer a tricky task.

What If Your Credit Score is Bad?

Whenever it comes to availing the loans for people with bad credit on instant decision no fees, the options get fewer. However, having a poor credit record does not actually mean that you are completely unlucky. Fortunately, the lenders are following lenient lending norms and offer loans to those, who do not have a satisfactory credit score. This is right to say that you are never going to turn down for the loan anymore even if applied in a bad credit situation.

Loans Are Designed for Bad Credit Borrowers

Bad credit loans are specifically designed for the people, who are struggling for funds due to their adverse credit score. In fact, the loans are provided with no guarantor choice because the online lenders understand that no one shows interest in becoming a guarantor for bad credit applicants. Actually, lenders also realise that people do not welcome the difficulties in their life. That is why those lenders never ask the applicants to pay off extra charges and provide them quick financial respite in hours of crisis.

Loans Are Unsecured & Helpful for Short Term Needs

For a person, who is labelled as a bad credit borrower, it is always good to know whether the loan is secured or unsecured. To ease the financial burden of the bad credit holders, lenders are now offering the loans in an unsecured way. More importantly, the loans are provided for the short span of time. That is why the terms and conditions pertaining to loans are quite feasible. The processing of loans speeds up and you will also get the swift approval.

Choose A Lender Carefully

Before you start, you might be confused where to apply from. When you are prepared to avail very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker, it is good to go online.  To avail the benefits of these loans, you need to search a reliable lender. You just need to sit at your home comfortably and search bad credit loans lender online and you may be overwhelmed by the number of results. Nowadays, there are many lenders available in the marketplace, offering effective loan products to bad credit people.

Now the decision is yours. You are completely free to decide that you want to go with which lending company. Make sure to choose the loan offers carefully. Therefore, an online search will indeed help you approach the right loan deals even without involving a loan broker.

Every Reason You Need To Take Doorstep Loans

The doorstep loans have always been a great saviour for the people. These are the only loans that deliver you financial satisfaction right in your hands at the time when you need the money most. Calling such loans last-minute saviours will not be an exaggeration. The multiple benefits that are offered give you many reasons to depend on these loans for your multiple financial needs.

Let us have a quick look on some very common reasons that make people opt such funding options.

No bank account-There are still many people, who do not believe in the advanced ways of banking. They have no bank account and they mostly do their transactions in cash. But at the time of some financial emergency, such people face adversities in getting loan from the banks. Besides, such customers also think face-to-face conversations a better option of borrowing money. Doorstep cash from the Fin tech market helps such borrowers greatly.

Great help for the physically disabled applicants- Physically disable people have to face much more financial challenges than the other people do. They cannot go out for a regular earning and have very limited finances to spend. With home credit option, they can gain back their financial prosperity with dignity.

Lower interest rates with guaranteed options- Doorstep services are given without the guarantor and collateral too, but in that case the applicant has to bear the high interest rates. However, those, who can provide any of these, too can borrow the money on much lower interest rates than the mainstream banks. By applying for guaranteed loans, the applicant can get the money transferred in his bank account within a few hours.

For people with poor financial records- The major ingredient of a poor financial record is the bad credit score. With a poor borrowing history, it becomes difficult to avail loans. The doors of home credit services are open for the bad credit borrowers too. They do not need to go the traditional lenders to get denials. They can get the money respectfully sitting in their familiar and homely atmosphere.

Secured options available irrespective of employment status- You might be thinking that the secured options are not available for the jobless people. Well, it will be just a myth of yours. Anyone who can provide a guarantee can apply for these loans. If being an unemployed, you can manage to provide guarantor or collateral, then no one can stop you avail guaranteed loans for unemployed. In fact, to suggest you something, instead of taking short-term loans, these loans will be a better option for your unwaged days. You can borrow big amount and can have a financial stability for a long time. You do not know when you will get the job, and in case of any delay, the little money borrowed through the short-term unsecured options will not be sufficient.

Like the time management, one should also know how to do management. Now when the lending world has become so advanced, this management will be easier. Agree?

How Business Start-Up Loans Boost Your Financial Strength in 2018?

You have enough of your financial inconsistency due to inadequate monthly income. Surely, you are finding very hard to keep balance between the expected and unexpected expenses of your routine life. Now, as the world has entered in the year 2018, time has come to move on and to bring new changes to your financial life. You may be not clear on how to do that, but you have to do that. And, it is the bottom line.

You definitely want freedom from a nerve-racking life and if you are thinking this with limited monthly income, then you might not be thinking into a right direction. Still, nothing to bother about such situation! Plan for your own business, no matter big or small, as you have at least your own income. Be your own boss and what is wrong about that.

It is understandable that you can plan for your enterprise, if you have enough funds into your pocket. In case of fund shortage, it is a major challenge for you to locate a business without any hurdles.

How to cope with this challenge?

By submitting application for business start-up loans! Do not look at these loans with scrutiny and if you still do that, then make sure your mind should have another effective alternative. We are sure that no other alternative can satisfy your financial goals. Thus, after deciding the business loans as your funding source, now take a look at all the loan features in a comprehensive manner.

Loans Come with Flexible Lending Terms

Understand the difference when asking funds from banks and from the direct lenders. Banks follow the traditional lending policies and they might not agree on changing their tactics. On the other hand, the direct lenders score more at this stage because they can vary their terms according to the capacity of their borrowers.

For example, the loans are only useful if you avail them on the acceptable interest rates and repayment plans. It is what the direct lenders are providing to their borrowers, which is very unlike the banks. Not all direct lenders follow the same, but few are giving funds on reliable basis. Nonetheless, these loan providers do not look only to their own interests rather they are more focused on the current financial circumstances of the borrowers. It is not necessary that the terms and conditions on loans are same for every borrower.

Loans Work as the Extra Funding Source

You might have adequate funds in the form of savings in your bank account, which you have accumulated through the years of doing job at one or more organisations. Now, you are planning to open up a business. You would certainly use those savings, but remember, establishing a business cannot be done with few funds. You definitely require an extra funding source for which these loans can play a major role. Extra money can be secured without any need of showing your financial deficiency to everyone.

There is another aspect where you should use loans as the extra funding source. Do not expect that the lenders can provide you cash for the entire setup of your business. In fact, they can only present that amount, which goes equal to your needs. And, do not forget that you have to pay back the entire funds and heavy repayments can affect your credit rating.

Loans can be Applied Online

One more feature of business start-up loans is that the borrowers can submit their loan application within a short duration. Gone are the days when people had to wait for days or even weeks to get the approval on their loan requests. And, they were not sure about the guaranteed approval either. But now, many scenes have been changed at the huge loan market of the UK. In fact, it is the impact of ‘FINTECH’ market in this region that the loan applications can be submitted online with minimum or no paperwork. Of course, the entire process will go with the guidelines prescribed by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In the 21st century, the loan companies cannot run the lengthy application procedure because it does not go with the growing demand of the borrowers. They need funds quickly and placing lots of papers is like a huge hurdle in their way. Thus, the lenders have to bend in front of the people’s demand of short and direct application process. Now, loans can be applied online and the process can be completed within few minutes. Subsequently, receiving the funds has also become possible on the same day of application lodged.

Hence, these features really increase the significance of business start-up loans. But wait, there are more things to be discussed.

More Challenges Ahead of the Borrowers

By looking at the above features, we cannot raise too many doubts on the efficiency of business loans in the UK. These loans really work as the useful funding source when you need more money to carry out the implementation of new business. However, things are easy as you may have assumed. There are more challenges, which need to be faced.

Borrowers have to be very precise while applying loans for a specific amount. They cannot ask for funds more than their actual needs. It is neither good for their financial credibility nor for their credit profile. Winning the trust of the lenders is essential, especially when you are applying business loans with bad credit scores. Show the lender that you are serious towards the lending process and really want to apply loans without making any errors.

Another challenge would be to find out the right lender. It can be tricky but not always. A comprehensive online research can fetch the way for you to find out the perfect lender with personalised deals on the loans for business. As far as interest rates are concerned, a good choice of lender can also relieve you from this worry.

Thus, everything is in your hands now. Do not lose hope and stay positive because 2018 may be the year that can bring a new financial strength in your life.

Still Battling Holiday Debt? Here’s Help Paying It Off

The holiday season ended months ago, but it is far from a distant memory for millions of credit card holders, who are still paying for it.

American consumers spent a record $692 billion dollars during the 2017 holiday season, but less than half of them say they paid off the balance on their credit cards a month after the fact. About 25% of consumers say it will take six months or more to pay off their holiday spending. For most people, that means more than $1,000 of debt added to their budgets.

“When the egg nog and mistletoe have worn off,” says Gary Garland, an accredited estate planner with New York-based Integrated Wealth Solutions, “the debts you incur will last far longer than the fragrances of the holiday.”

Long-time syndicated radio financial adviser Bruce Williams, still ranked among the all-time most influential talkers, was a one-man debt-counseling service in his day. As such, he’s reluctant to dispense blanket advice. It’s all about circumstances, he says.

“You have to think about this on an individual basis,” Williams says. “How much debt you have? How much income? How much in reserve?”

That acknowledged, there are general rules of the road.

“There are things you can’t finesse,” he says. “You gotta eat. You gotta pay your rent, or your mortgage. Then there are things that can be finessed.”

Aha. Finesse-able things, and how possibly to finesse them, are what we’ll discuss below.

Find, or negotiate, a lower interest rate

Credit card interest rates can be notoriously high, and higher still if you’ve had a late payment. Sometimes, Williams says, creditors are willing to cut you a break … if you simply ask.

Your card company wants to keep your business, after all, and now is when competitors unleash their most attractive balance-transfer campaigns.

If transferring a balance from a high-interest rate card sounds appealing, shop around and evaluate these things before making a decision:

  • Is there a transfer fee?
  • How long does the introductory interest rate last?
  • How far up will it go?.

For example, suppose you commit to being out from under your average holiday debt of $1,000 in five months. We ran the numbers using one of the credit-card interest rate calculators that are ubiquitous on the web and the math is worth studying.

If you pay off the $1,000 in five months at 17.5%, you’ll send $209 a month to your creditors. At 24%, it’s a shade above $212. With one of those zero-percent cards, it’s just $200, as long as it’s paid in full in five months.

Wait. Why is a commitment to a deadline important?

“Having a finish line makes the race much easier to run,” says James Duren, who dispenses personal finance advice for “Once you have that deadline set, look at what you’ve committed to your debt and ask yourself if you can realistically hit your deadline.”

Get a game plan to pay off multiple cards/debts

If, after all that, you’re still stuck with high-interest cards, list them in order of rates, highest to lowest. A reasonable approach is to attack the highest-interest cards first (making sure you pay the minimum on the other cards) and work your way down. An alternative view is to pay off lower balances first, to give yourself a sense of accomplishment and momentum.

We’re less cheerfully optimistic about the latter approach. After all, because interest does not rest, every extra dime should be assigned to the task of eliminating the highest-interest card.

Send small payments throughout each month

Noting the sleeping habits of interest – it never sleeps, adding incrementally every day to every extra dollar on your debt – should afffect your repayment decisions. Rather than wait until just before the due date to send your installment, thereby allowing interest to nibble away like termites at your future earnings, send payments when you have the money. Every $25 you pay two weeks early is 14 days of interest charges saved. Over time, that can add up.

Want to play a game? Commit to a diet of denial until your holiday debt is paid off. Just say no to things like:

  • Dining out
  • Shopping for this season’s clothing
  • Trips to the multiplex theater
  • Visits to a nail salon
  • Picking up the tab for a night out with the boys/girls
  • Visits to a theme park
  • An evening at the high-rise/high-priced golf driving range

Every time you’re tempted, or a pal invites you along, politely decline, then send the amount you would have spent to one of your lenders. That will be at least $100-$200 a month going to eliminate debt, while not really compromising your lifestyle.

If you used eBates (a cash-back website) or a rebate card – or, better still, som

How to Save Money on your Next Smartphone

According to statistics, there will be an estimated 6.1 billion smartphone users in the world by the year 2020. This highlights the popularity of mobile technology in the digital age, while also hinting at how successfully handsets have evolved during the last decade or so.

When it comes to buying a smartphone, however, many of the universal challenges remain. More specifically, it can still be exceptionally challenging to seek out the best possible deal, particularly with so many handsets and contract options available in the current market.

In this post, we’ll help appraise your options in 2018, and ask how you can actively look to save money on your next device:

1. Time your Purchase Well

While the smartphone market is not exactly seasonal, it is certainly cyclical by its nature. This is because the market leading smartphone brands tend to release new handsets at the same time each year, with Apple often targeting autumn launches and Samsung typically active during the spring.

This is borne out by the upcoming release of Samsung’s Galaxy S9, which is set to hit the consumer market in March.

When these premium handsets are first released, it can be difficult to identify cut price deals or reduced, SIM-free price points. You’re therefore best-served by purchasing a new handset during the winter or summer months if possible, with the New Year also a hot-bed of high value promotions and discounted deals.

Service providers and mobile networks also tend to reduce their prices in the New Year, with a diverse range of EE mobile phone deals and offers currently available.

2. Appraise the Terms of Individuals Deals

When buying a handset according to the terms of standard, 24-month contract, paying careful attention to the individual terms can also help you to benefit financially.

If you look at Apple’s recently launched iPhone X, for example, you’ll see that a growing number of distributors are offering this without an up-front cost. Similarly, you may also be able to access cashback when buying a brand new, premium smartphone, in the form of a fixed amount that relates directly to the handset’s value.

The cashback value can range anywhere between £10 and £35, and this represents an excellent way to reduce the cost of buying a smartphone.

Similarly, you may be better served by sourcing deals that offer unlimited texts, minutes and data usage. Although this may require a slightly higher monthly premium, it can help you to manage and save money over the course of your contract and also access better deals in the first place.

3. Choose your Data Plan Wisely

When you first compare the market, you’ll notice that smartphones are available with a data plan that includes either 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of RAM. In the case of premium handsets, your choice may be restricted to 64GB or 128GB, and your final selection will have a key bearing on the cost of the smartphone.

With this in mind, it’s important that you’re able strike the balance between saving money while buying a functional phone that offers optimal usage and genuine value money.

If you’re an avid smartphone user who likes to play games or stream content regularly, for example, investing in a 128GB data plan will deliver the best possible experience and enable you to save money over time.

Conversely, if you only ever use your handset to make calls, send texts and occasionally access the Internet, it’s best to purchase a 32GB or 64GB plan at a discounted premium.

Top Methods to Follow for Being a Successful Online Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a hard thing, but where you take your company under your leadership is what matters. This is what people will differentiate and compare. Are you fulling all the responsibility of being a businessman? Or do you think that online businesses are way different than past? If you have more related questions that are underestimating you and your great thoughts, then these words are all about enhancing online entrepreneur skills.

Research and opting for new learnings keep me on the top of the list. What is your secret? Lest begin with the tactics which are good enough to secure a position on the list of a successful online businessperson.

This is where you get started to become a successful online entrepreneur. Customers are everything and always think from the perspective of your targeted audience. Being a businessman you may already know this, but then also let me remind you that customers are everything for the store and serve them with delighted services.

From color to look and feel, everything should be attractive and appealing. This is important to impress them with a first look. According to a research, 70% of the customers visit a store that is more attractive and impress them the look.

Before investing a huge sum of money, you should plan all the way to reach more customers. moreover, from here you feel like getting started with the business development.

  • Know your customer and gather data to understand them
  • Business analyses and research

If you have this information, then you are good to go in the real world. You continue reading to know how you can become an effective leader for your online business.

Ideas and Implementing them!

Most of us stay in the line when leaders are moving ahead with their business. Have you ever felt that this was my idea but they stole it or get started with implementing idea too soon? Yes, I have felt this many time, but then I learned how to be the one to start first the business.
Take a sip, and get started with the real productive work. All you have to do is gather information and resources related to your ideas and bring them to reality. Once you have the proper plan, you can start with the development which is everything. By this, you will at least see some results in growing business and you will no longer feel that I haven’t tried anything interesting.

You just have to ask yourself one question that is I am ready to take my ideas to a new level.

Invest in Education
Leaders never stop learning. They always try to explore their field and take responsibility to keep the business running in all the events. You should try your level best to catch up with the digital marketing trend. There are many institutes that are helping to become a leading online entrepreneur.

Whenever you have time research online, try to understand how competitors did when they started an online business? This is will help you to shape your services and how you can make products unique from the available products.

Spend time- write everything on one paper!

Whenever you get an idea, you should write them down in a notepad, or anywhere that remands to look up when you are free. Spend some time alone and give your ideas a deep learning. By this, you will be able to plan out better and you will have knowledge of reality.

Whatever you are thinking to do, just write them down so you can have clear ideas when implementing. This can also result in enhancing your business needs and services.

Utilize Modern Tools
This point can change the game around. To become the number one seller in the online market, you should opt for the latest technology. This is important to get along and get on the list of successful persons. Another benefit of using technology is that it helps running a business effectively.

Put more efforts in reaching people

The purpose of marketing has been always the same. But, thanks to the digital marketing for easier for a businessman to reach more people at the competent rate. With a few clicks, you can connect with a whole world. Once you have the products and services ready, you just have to target audience on the basis of your services.

One of the best ways to the target audience is knowing your services and understanding who can have the more benefits of your facilities? This will impact in the sale and in reaching more people.

Being a successful seller is all about getting along with more and more people in the market.

Follow leaders
This is where you have to be smart and walk on a path of leaders who become successful. Here, you just have to ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes as your leaders have made. This will give you a great way to start your business and get along with more audience.

You can also learn from their marketing strategies and build your own plans to reach maximum people. By this, you may able to save money and come up with better plans faster.

When you and your services are getting good attention, there are leaders who may try to take over your services and buy them at good prices. So ensure you have clear ideas about the future business. If you want to take your business to the next level by yourself, you should have aclear focus and kick out all the good offers. This is important to stay connected with people who are enjoying your services.

Whatever may be your services or products, never hold yourself back because of competitors. At all times, customers are looking for a better service provider, who can offer them products at their demands and conditions. Another way I can say this is that plan out your services and products unique so customers defiantly fall for it.
If you follow all the above steps and implement them into a reality, you will get an unbelievable response from the customers. and always remember, all this is your goal of becoming a number online entrepreneur.

5 Counter-Intuitive Reasons Why Your Startup Can Fail

The most widely recognized reason otherwise known as an absence of back isn’t among them.

Business person and author Rafe Furst says that new businesses fall flat when originators quit. He composes that every single new business come up short on cash, however brilliant authors would discover the best approach to work without capital until the point when their pet task begins producing reserves by virtue of the acquired capital or income.

Hence, James Ferdinand Lukanta thinks about best five reasons of bombs as takes after:

  • Fellow benefactors battles
  • Absence of market
  • Late dispatch
  • “Construct it and they will come” mindset
  • Not tuning in to clients

New business visionary behind Nancy Christinovich trusts that new businesses come up short when propelled at wrong time and when their organizers don’t have enough trust in what they do. Item and rivalry matter, as well. Be that as it may, as Seth Godin says, “don’t discover clients for your items, discover items for your clients.”

Fellow benefactor of Aha! Brian de Haaff claims that those ready to succeed need to “hit the spot in four key territories” and “have a tad of favorable luck.” He pictures key zones as takes after:

President of Society3 Axel Schultze who worked with more than 100 new businesses and run five organizations himself uncovers the most strange reasons why new business visionaries fall flat.

1) Weak Execution

Most coming up short new businesses either work gradually or have an immense absence of judgment. Working too hard on item’s highlights, they disregard the market: they don’t construct a clients base, don’t consider the ideal time to dispatch the item, can’t distinguish openings, or don’t make a fuss over building vital associations.

2) No Long-Term Vision

When in doubt, youthful startupers concentrate on their item’s available highlights and don’t consider what this item would look tomorrow. It’s near difficult to persuade speculators in the event that you don’t have any plans and clear dreams of where you need to take the organization.

3) Superficial Research

The #1 control for startupers to recollect: you don’t make items for yourself yet clients and the market. Many don’t invest energy in inside and out research, don’t comprehend their intended interest group, don’t see the market needs, or continue trusting startup myths.

4) No Team

Another motivation behind why your startup may come up short: you have a frail group who has no clue on how business and market functions. Innovation, showcasing, fund, operations – these are circles your business accomplices and representatives should know all around.

5) Lack of Connection

New business visionaries regularly think little of the energy of systems administration and don’t comprehend the significance of building persuasive associations. Some expectation that financial specialists would give those associations, yet it doesn’t work that way. Influencer advertising and business relations in media matter.

Talking about subsidizing holes, Schultze doesn’t think of them as a purpose behind startup comes up short. While many discuss cash as though it’s an issue, he says that “absence of financing is a component of one of the above issues – not an issue in itself.” He composes that five specified shortcomings keep new companies from raising support.

On the off chance that five isn’t sufficient to persuade you, CEO of Snhyper Aman Barhla shares top 20 most regular reasons of startup falls flat from

Do you concur with specialists?

What are your considerations on the most widely recognized reasons of startup fizzles? Offer in remarks or go to the Quora string and join the discussion.

How to Check Your Credit Score For Free In the UK

Times are tough. Millions are unemployed. House prices are wobbling, and bankers don’t dare lend money due to the risk that customers will lose even more of it than the banks have managed to lose for themselves.

In this climate, it’s more important than ever to know your credit score (also known as your credit rating) before you apply for a mortgage or a loan.

The days of banks literally mailing you blank cheques to encourage you to sign up for credit cards are gone. Nowadays you need to check your credit score, and if necessary try to repair your credit record before you apply.

Know that in most cases, a company searching your credit file will leave a note that it did so. Too many credit searches – perhaps due to companies checking your record and then rejecting you – will only make a bad credit score worse.

Avoid this spiral by knowing how to get a good credit score in advance.

What is your credit score?

There are three main credit reference agencies in the UK: Experian, Equifax, and Callcredit.

Banks and other companies use the data held by these companies to assess your creditworthiness.

The reason you have no single ‘credit rating’ is because the three companies have different ways of assessing you as a credit risk.

Unfortunately you don’t know which agency will be contacted after you rock up demanding £200,000 and a smile from your friendly neighborhood bank / online comparison website.

To be extra diligent you can check all three, using the statutory method I’ll detail below.

I think the best thing to do first though is to check one for free, to see if there’s any low-hanging rotten fruit on your record that you can fix.

If you’re not registered on the electoral roll, for example, or if a former inhabitant at your address – and his unpaid bills – is being erroneously linked with your own finances, then you’ll need to write to the appropriate authorities and/or the agencies to get that sorted.

You should get out of debt as a matter of urgency whatever your situation; this will usually improve your credit score, too.

How to Check Your Credit Score for Free

A very easy way to check your credit score for free is by signing up to the CreditMatcherservice from Experian.

CreditMatcher claims to enable consumers to check their Experian Credit Score entirely for free and is updated every 30 days.

If you’ve never checked your credit score it can be quite an eye-opener seeing how lenders may view you. If you’re new to credit scores, you could consider signing up even if you don’t think you’ll need credit in the near future, just to get better informed.

Discover My Credit Score

I wanted to check my credit score because I constantly vacillate as to whether I should buy a home.

Since I think house prices are too high, the main reason to do so would be to lock-in a cheap mortgage rate. However only squeaky-clean customers get the best deals these days, hence I wanted to know my credit score in advance and take remedial action if I need to.

Signing up to the free trial with Credit Expert took all of five minutes, but you can’t get instant access to your credit score.

For security reasons you are not given a secret PIN when you sign-up. Instead, you are mailed it separately by post.

I think this is a sensible precaution (you don’t want criminals impersonating you) but it did take about six days for my PIN to arrive. That’s six days used up out of the 30-day free trial – because membership starts as soon as you complete the online registration.

Once you have the PIN number, it only takes a moment to complete the registration process and see your credit score.

Experian rates you on a score from 0 to 1000. When I last checked my credit score five or six years ago, I scored in the mid-700s, which the company described as “fair”.

You can imagine I was pretty pleased when I saw my new rating:

My new credit score of 999 is only one off the maximum mark of 1,000!

What’s interesting to me is that my financial situation – as far as Experian can tell – is little different to how it was in 2005.

My net worth has multiplied, but the credit agencies can’t see inside my savings and broking accounts. I paid my bills on time back then, and I pay them now.

I seem to have managed to accidentally improve my credit score by:

  • Staying in the same house for five years.
  • Getting a Platinum American Express cashback credit card.
  • Getting a land line and certain utilities in my own name (I shared these 5-6 years ago with a mix of housemates).
  • Changing from PAYG to a monthly iPhone contract.

Alternatively, maybe the rumours of ruin for much of the population are true, and everyone else has simply slid further down the credit rankings! If that’s you, see this article from MoneySavingExpert for information on how to improve your credit score.

It’s possible that my credit score could actually hinder some applications – for example if a bank decided it wasn’t likely to make any money from me running up a credit card balance. (It would be right – I pay them off every month).

My score should be good for getting a good mortgage rate, though it would only be one part of a picture including salary, outgoings, and so on.

How to Cancel Your Credit Expert Free Trial

Before I signed up to the Credit Expert free trial, I had read that it was very difficult to cancel.

These reports turned out to be misleading, in my experience.

It is true that you can’t cancel online, which is annoying, and perhaps does encourage some people to stay subscribed longer than they mean to out of laziness.

However it took me two minutes to cancel via a phone call.

I called on a Thursday afternoon. The chap on the other end was perfectly polite. There were no hard sales tactics, although I was given the option of identity fraud expenses insurance at a cut-price rate, which I declined.

I can’t discount the possibility he was employing subtle persuasion strategies that evaded my radar. Given that I cancelled successfully, however, it seems unlikely, or at least he failed.

Perhaps the hardest part is finding the number to call to cancel! It may be buried in the service’s FAQ, but I couldn’t find it.

So for reference, to cancel I called:

0844 4810800 – but you can call free on 0800 561 0083

The 0844 number isn’t free, but I didn’t have the free number at that point and I doubt it cost me more than 20p to make the call. (Note you have to call the free number from a landline to avoid being charged).

To ensure you don’t accidentally start paying for Credit Expert membership, mark the 30-day expiry date on a calendar when you set up your account, or better still take off a few days for luck.

Remember the trial begins from when you open the account, not from when you’re granted access, so be diligent to avoid an unwanted bill.

How to Get Your Statutory Credit Report for £2

Under the Consumer Credit Act, you are entitled to obtain a full credit report from the three agencies I mentioned for £2 for each, via the post (or in the case of Callcredit, also online).

I’d probably do this once I’d cleaned up any obvious black marks via a free trial, as otherwise you’ll need to keep spending £2 to see what’s changed.

Here are the web pages for each company that detail how to get your statutory credit report:

Each company gives you a form to fill-in that you can post with a £2 cheque in order to get your report.

Future Credit Checks

After you’ve cancelled your free trial membership with Credit Expert, you can reopen your account at any time using the same log in details, which will save you waiting for confirmation.

I presume you don’t get a second chance to check your credit score for free, but I could be wrong.

I’ll check-in again with Experian in six months and let you know.

Know How to Check Free Online Credit Score

Don’t pay for access to your credit score.

Here’s how to get it for free

There are three major credit reference agencies in Britain: Equifax, Experian and Callcredit. Don’t ever assume that the information they hold on your file is correct, particularly if you are planning to apply for a mortgage, loan or credit card.

Financial institutions rely heavily on credit scores when deciding whether to offer credit to customers and negative information can make it impossible to qualify. If you are refused a loan or credit card it could have a further negative impact on your credit score.

Always check your file with all three agencies – some financial institutions deals with one or two of them only, so your record may not be the same across the three organisations.

You have a legal right to obtain a copy of your credit report for £2. All three agencies offer regular access to your file and other services at a much higher cost of around £15 a month, but it’s generally not necessary to pay for these services.

You can usually sign up for a 30-day free trial and then cancel the following month before any regular payments are taken. This can be a cost-effective way to obtain a comprehensive snapshot of your credit file at little or no cost.


CreditExpert gives you unlimited online access to your credit report and score. Experian says it also continuously monitors your file and alerts you to any changes and potential fraudulent activity. The services is free for the first month, then a £14.99 monthly fee applies.


Similarly, Equifax offers unlimited online access to your credit report and score, plus weekly alerts of any significant changes to your credit file. It claims its 24-hour online dispute facility helps you correct any errors quickly and simply. Again the service is free for 30 days, then a monthly £14.95 fee applies.


It offers a free service, Noddle, which gives you unlimited online access to your credit report, however it is only updated monthly.

For daily updates on your report and score, its Credit Compass service costs £15 a month. It’s free if you sign up and then cancel within 15 days.

Spotted a mistake?

If you find any mistakes on your file, contact the credit reference agency and the company that put the disputed information on your record. The agency has 28 days to remove the information or tell you why it does not agree with you.

If the agency does not amend your record, you have the right to send a 200-word notice of correction, which will be added to your file.

If you’re not happy about the way your complaint has been handled, you can refer it to the financial ombudsman. This free service can order errors to be corrected. Alternatively, you could take the matter to the small claims court.



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